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​Own The Stage Dance Academy


Own The Stage Dance Academy offers dance instruction at a recreational and competitive level. Our intensive classes will focus on dance technique, strength training, flexibility, safety, and teamwork. Although we have many goals for our OTS dancers, having fun is one of our main priorities! 

At OTS we look forward to providing both children and adults a quality dance education with a personal touch.

We take pride in providing a nurturing atmosphere to enable students to reach their fullest potential and build their self-esteem while experiencing the true joy of dance. We believe that in building self-esteem we can help build strong, confident people who will excel in everyday life. Our hope is to provide an opportunity for creativity, exploration, personal expression and growth to members of our community.

OTS instructors are dedicated to promoting the performing arts and dance. We hope that the children here will develop confidence, poise, and a positive self image while learning and experiencing the art of dance.

Experience You Can Trust