Own The Stage is home to multiple award-winning performing team.All OTS Teams require talent, commitment, dedication, passion, hard work, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to perform and grow as a dancer. And, what your child will gain from the experience on Team is priceless—as both a dancer and an individual. There is virtually no limit to what our members can experience, accomplish and learn as a part of Team if they set their mind to it.

For the past 5 years , our Competition Teams has competed among some of the nation’s best dance studios and worked with some of the amazing choreographers.

Evaluations are completed for our 2019-2020 Competition Teams. For more information or to be added to our interest list, contact us at- otscompetitionteams@gmail.com 


How are Competition Dancers selected?
There are different ways to join:

  • By Placement Evaluations: The studio holds technique placements evaluations every summer for those interested in being a part of our dance team. Dancers will be assigned to a team based on their level, skills, age and abilities. 

  • End Of The Year Invitation: Some dancers are unaware of their talent and skills. If a teacher notices that someone in a recreational class is particularly talented and passionate, that student may receive an End Of The Year Invitation at recital.

Can anyone try out?
Yes, anyone can try out. Every dancer will make a team!

How many Competitions do you enter?
Anywhere between 3 and 5 competitions a year. The size of the Competition may vary. Some are very big, some are smaller. And yes, if you commit to compete you need to commit to all competitions we are participating in. 3 Competitions are the required ones for all Team members.
The other (1 or 2 depending on the year) are optional for duets and solos mostly.

How many classes do Competition Team members need to take?
Ages 5 -7: Intro to Dance and one additional class (such as Hip Hop, Tap or Acro, etc) 
Ages 7+: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, TLC and one additional class (such as Hip Hop, Tap or Acro, etc) 
Competition Team Practices will practice on Wednesday nights between 4:00-9:00pm on a rotating schedule during the month. 

What are the costs involved?
One-time Group Studio Fee:

       ●  Small Group - $175 per dancer  Studio and Choreography Fee       ●  Large Group - $165 per dancer  Studio and Choreography Fee

***If your child is interested in performing a solo, duet and/or trio,additional fees will apply

The costs listed below are average ranges and would be the cost for each dancer for each competition.
       ●  Solo $70-$125 per competition
       ●  Duet $50-$70 per dancer, per competition
       ●  Trio $50-$70 per dancer, per competition
       ●  Small/Large Group $30-$60 per dancer, per competition       

All Own The Stage Dance Academy Competition Team members must have a team jacket 
Competition Team Jacket - $75

Competition costume  $60 to $100 each

Own The Stage will select at least 1 outside workshop/convention this competition season. $200-$300 per dancer.

Additional Cost
Make-up: $35.00
Shoes: $30-$100 you will need to have new, clean, presentable shoes for competitions
Tights: $10-$15 per pair
Earrings: $5-$10 per pair
Accessories: boots covers, hairpieces, additional jewelry, etc.: $20.00
Dancers age 4-7 will also need to purchase “piggies” (curly hair pieces) for about $45

What are the benefits of being a Dance Competitor?
So many!!

  • Your child will learn advanced skills, which will make them a very strong dancer.
  • They will be exposed to the highest level of training in the program.
  • For those looking at the future in Dance, having competed as a child is an excellent background for any dance related degree.
  • On a personal level, these are some (but not all) of the benefits of competing:
  • Making strong friendships, bonding, becoming close to others forming relationships which provide a sense of belonging.
  • Dancers who compete do not have time to get into trouble! They are too busy dancing!
  • Learning dedication, sportsmanship, leadership and Discipline.
  • Working together towards a common Goal.
  • Becoming a strong performer, therefore increasing self confidence, self assurance.
  • Becoming Physically fit and strong: our training results in dancers who are naturally flexible, healthy, strong and have good endurance.
  • There are many more benefits to competing. We encourage you to consult with the Studio Owner or Teacher if this is of your interest, and talk to dancers who are competing already! You will find out how exciting it is!