Choosing a Dance Studio is more important than one might think!  This could be the place where your dancers spends the next 6-10 years.   The longer you stay in one place, the more your dancer is going to grow because there is no learning curve each year.  You want to choose the RIGHT studio for you and your dancer, not just the most convenient or the one with the easiest schedule.  Of coarse those things are very important, too. Here are a few important things that can make a drastic difference in what kind of dance education your child receives. 

1. What type of dance floor is installed in each studio?
The art of dance is a physical activity requiring jumping and, more importantly, landing. This activity puts additional stress on joints and bones. Dance shoes alone cannot provide enough cushioning or support, so dance itself can put pressure on the back and knees of each dancer. If a studio is equipped with a professional sprung floating floor, that studio is taking every measure to ensure the health of their students. This floor rests on a system of high density foam that in turn absorbs the shock on the body. OTS features high density foam based floors in all studios.

2. What is the class size?
It is a very important question to ask before enrolling. Some studios have tiny spaces; therefore, they have to limit their class size because of limited dance area. Other local studios do not limit their classes and have 50 or more students in one class. At OTS, we have spacious studios, yet we are limiting our class sizes for a better learning experience. By limiting our sizes in each class, we are allowing the child or adult to receive more personalized attention. Dance concepts are easier to understand. Proper technique is taught. Please contact us for specifics on class sizes as they vary depending on age and levels. Most studios in town have a max class size of 30 students. Our sizes are well below this.

3. What are the teacher’s and school qualifications?
One probably thinks if a studio offers dance classes, they must be qualified. A truly qualified instructor has many years of training in the arts. Great knowledge comes with this. Students have a structure in which to progress. Our teachers have the necessary attributes for a dancer to develop proper technique and knowledge. 

4. Is the schedule varied and offering different class times?
OTS has a wide array of classes at all times in all dance forms. We also have weekend classes with the working parents in mind. Our classes don’t extend too late into the evening hours, keeping families and school work in mind. 

5. Are the dance classes and choreography age appropriate?
We are very careful to select age appropriate costumes for recital. Our music and choreography for dance class and performances will be age appropriate as well. Many studios have no guidelines on these standards and children are exposed to inappropriate costumes, music, and choreography in their chosen classes.

6. Is my child learning in class?
At many studios, parents are not allowed to view their children’s classes. You may often wonder how they did, what they learned, and most importantly how they are progressing. OTS offers open viewing at all times in the main studio. No set dates for viewing your child’s class. You can watch at any given time! This enables you to see what your child learns weekly and what our curriculum offers to your child. 

We urge you to shop around and take classes in at least 4 different studios before making a final decision.  
Let us be your first stop and make Own The Stage the choice for all your dancing needs.

Session 1 June 25- July 24
Session 2 July 29 - Aug21

Studio 1 Monday  4:30 -5:15pm Ages 2-5  Tiny Toes Dance
​Studio 1 Monday  5:15 -6:15pm Ages 5-7 Intro To Dance Combo Class (Ballet, Jazz, Tap) 
Studio 1 Monday 6:15-7:15pm Ages 7-10 Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical

Studio 1 Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm Ages 11+ Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical
Studio 1 Tuesday 7:15-8:00pm Ages 11+ Cheer Tumble/Acro 
Studio 1 Tuesday 8:00-8:45pm Ages  11+  Hip Hop

Studio 1 Wednesday 6:15-7:00pm Ages 5-7 Intro To Dance Combo Class (Ballet, Jazz, Tap) 

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Own The Stage Dance ACADEMY

Everything you're looking for in a dance studio...

Own The Stage has provided families in the Matthews community with quality dance classes. Whether your child is looking for a creative outlet or interested in performance opportunities, we're dedicated to safe, technical training in our dance classes.  At Own The Stage we look forward to providing both children and adults a quality dance education with a personal touch.

We take pride in providing a nurturing atmosphere to enable students to reach their fullest potential and build their self-esteem while experiencing the true joy of dance. We believe that in building self-esteem we can help build strong, confident people who will excel in everyday life. Our hope is to provide an opportunity for creativity, exploration, personal expression and growth to members of our community.

Own The Stage is more than just a dance studio.   We consider ourselves one giant family.  Our  students learn valuable life lessons that help them in any future endeavors that they choose. 

We hope that the children here will develop confidence, poise, and a positive self image while learning and experiencing the art of dance.  Call today to sign up for a class in the leading dance studio in Matthews, NC. Come experience the OTS difference for yourself.    

Nicolette Agosto

Owner and Director

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