Each summer we offer unique dance classes, clinics & workshops taught by current staff and professional artists which may focus on a specific style of dance or technique. This is the perfect time to try OTS for the first time, take advanced training to help in a specific area, or keep up training over the summer.

Turns and Leaps Clinic -$40.00

​Ages 8+

Our one-day leaps and turns clinic will work on bettering the flexibility and height in our leaps and jumps, and perfecting our spot and rotations in our.

July 27 12:00-4:00pm

Hair In The Air Clinic -$35.00

​Ages 4-8

Color your world in this adventurous Trolls Mini Dance Clinic. Dance your heart out like Princess Poppy, as you help to spread happiness and joy. Trolls Mini Dance Clinic wouldn’t be complete without fabulous troll hair of your very own, and a performance on the last day of camp for your friends and family.

July 20 12:00-4:00pm

Acro Clinic - $30.00

Ages 8+

Our one-day acro clinic works on skills that can be done with folding mats and not full gym apparatus. Works on back flexibility, strength, and acquiring gymnastics skills to be used within a dance routine.  

June 28  5:00-8:00pm

Own The Stage Dance ACADEMY

Pro Dance Clinic - $55.00

​Ages 8+

The day will include instruction by current/former dancers from the NFL,NBA and MLL. Dancers will  learn choreography in three styles of dance- Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pom/Gameday. 

Aug 24 12:00-5:00pm

Tumbling Under The Big Top Clinic - $35.00

​Ages 4-8

Come one, come all to the greatest week of camp on earth!  Experience fun while learning basic tumbling that will include working on low beams, trampolines, springboards, and more. This magical mini clinic is full of dancing, carnival games, glittery crafts and even Rainbow Rewards (aka fun prizes)! It’s sure to be a magical time! 

July 13 12:00-4:00pm

Summer Dance  Clinics & Workshops

Improv Workshop - $70.00

​Ages 10+

It may be scary at first, but improv is a tool that can alter your relationship to dance completely. You'll begin to identify your natural movement patterns and become more comfortable moving in unusual ways. This three day clinic will help improve your improv and give dancers a chance to choreography and set pieces on other dancers. The third day will end with an in-studio showcase for family and friends.

Aug 15-17   

Aug 15 6:30-8:30pm

Aug 16 5:00-8:30pm 

Aug 17 12:00-5:00pm  ***Showcase starts at 4:30pm

Tutus and Tennis Shoes Clinic -$35.00

Ages 5-10

Ready to look cute in your pretty girl swag?! Come rock your tutus and tennis shoes. The days  filled with leaping, twirling and dancing into imaginative adventures wearing your tutus and tennis shoes.

Aug 10 12:00-4:00pm